3 Secrets Of Effectively Using The In-App Feedback Feature

6 min readMay 4, 2020


Apps are doing wonders today when it comes to getting instant services. With just a single tap on your phone, you are in reach of your order or booking. Almost every tech-savvy person has made the utmost use of apps for meeting their day to day requirements.

That is the reason why it has become so specific to have an app idea that actually solves a problem. However, there are numerous ways through which you can validate your app idea.

Did you ever wonder how and why would people actually download your app, even if your app idea is valid?

The answer is “app reviews”.

Almost 77% of app users download an app only after reading its reviews. So, if there are bugs and crashes, then people are definitely going to give it a bad review. And if it lives up to the expectations of the users, they may or may not provide your app with a good review and a 5-star rating.

In such a situation, you lose most of your new users as they read your negative reviews first and do not proceed to install your app. Remember, a few bad reviews and your app dies a quick death.

So, now you realize that the app building is not a cakewalk. You need to toil hard to win your users. However, you need to keep a hawk’s eye on all the reviews you get. Of course, you will not always get all the good reviews and get negative reviews in huge numbers. But you can definitely stop them from getting publicly displayed.


Through the process of “in-app feedback”.

What The Heck Is “In-App Feedback” All About?

In-app feedback is just the bare bones approach through which you can strategically place your contact or survey forms within your app or site. In this way, you are able to receive direct feedback from your users within your app without letting it get publicly displayed in the App Stores.

However, you have to ensure that you are not irritating your users with a constant popup of the feedback form while they are using your app.

Some of the common tools that the smart developers use for collecting user feedback are:

  • Chat widgets
  • Contact Us forms
  • In-app surveys
  • Shake-to-send feedback

Build A Great Product With In-App Feedback” In These 3 Simple Steps

One of the integral benefits of in-app feedback is that you will get all the feedback within your app and not through any other medium like Apple App Store or Google Play Store. In-app feedback is a kind of quick user feedback that you can easily keep track of.

Following the best in-app feedback best practices can help you to make your app better. With the help of this feedback, you can sit with your support team and make an immediate note of all the issues which the users are facing. This framework actually helps you to ensure that you are addressing all the issues.

Let’s check out some of the best ways of how great in-app feedback can help you in building a great product:

1. Better Customer Service

Good customer service is the pillar of every successful product. If your customers are dissatisfied with your products or services, then they might leave it mid-way and give you their horrible reviews.

The two-line outbursts about your app along with a one-star rating are actually going to make your life difficult. You will always be haunted with questions like “How can I fix this?”, “How can I get good feedback for my app?”

Negative reviews are a part of every developer’s story and this is where the in-app feedback comes as a major savior. With this feature, you know what to change and how to change. If you are getting a majority of downvotes, then change your product’s features accordingly.

Have meetings on a regular basis with your team and devise new strategies for improvising your app’s features. Through this feature, you can even check if the user retention rate is decreased or increased.

It is very important to win your users and keep them captivated by your app. Try thinking from the users’ perspective. Even if you are downloading an app, you will never install one which has one-star ratings. So, the better you are working as per your users’ requirements, the more fruitful results can you expect.

2. Chances Of Getting Negative Reviews Reduce With In-App Feedback

Even if the users face a small bug while using your app, they are likely to provide you with a negative review. Therefore, empathy is the key to understand the needs of your users. While you interact with your users, you are likely to know more about their needs.

When you understand them better and build a product just as they want it to be, your users become your loyal advocates. If you value your user’s need, the users’ will value yours. In this way, you can stay immune to the possibilities of getting negative reviews.

3. In-App Feedback Builds A Better Product Roadmap

Through in-app feedback, you can build an amazing product roadmap. While you make your product roadmap, you are sharing the details of the upcoming development. This helps your users to provide you scalable feedback.

With this feedback, you can change your development plans as per your users’ feedback. Users love transparency when they get the freedom to express their opinion. In this way, you can not only build great products but also acquire a large user base.

What’s Your Take Now?

In-app feedback allows you to have enough information from your users’ side which you need to rework upon. Your job after feedback collection is to evaluate, analyze, prioritize and make justifying changes in your app’s features by making it a successful one.

While building your app, ensure that you are actually integrating the in-app feedback feature in your app, as this is the ultimate way of making your app even better for your users. Ask your trusted mobile app development company today about the in-app feedback feature and know more about its perks.

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