7 Golden Rules Of Getting Featured In The Apple App Store Feature List

Coming to the forefront of the app store is not as easy as we presume. With thousands of apps making their positions significant in the app store, the competition for getting noticed is becoming even more intense. By topping Apple’s app store feature list, you can increase visibility, drive downloads and boost traffic for your app.

Apple has various avenues for featuring apps- right from promotional banners on the home page of App Stores, to editor’s choice list. But there is one more thing which Apple loves to feature — that is, apps which make use of the trendiest technology.

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Why Do You Need To Be In Apple’s App Store Feature List?

It has been a decade since the App Store is redefining our lives. It has initiated millions of new businesses, generated new industries, created millions of job opportunities, and what not. Apple continuously strives to balance a good relationship with the developers by approving their product and ultimately featuring it.

And you need to be one of them, as this is the ultimate way to drive your business. Getting a spot under Apple’s App Store feature list will not only open the revenue generation opportunities but will also attract a new audience group, directly to your app.

While there is no guaranteed way to get featured, there are a few tactics that you can leverage to improve your chances. Let’s check them out:

1. Build A Clean, Bug-free App

This is the first and foremost thing that you need to do for ensuring a smoother user experience. In the end, the winners are those apps which have satisfied their users with brilliant UX design.

However, having a local brand name is not enough to get into the App Store, as the startups in Silicon Valley are now applying innovative and unique ways to enhance their UX design.

Nothing matters more than having an amazing user experience and interactive user design, that actually addresses the users’ issues. And if an app fails to do that, then it can never connect with its audience.

It is even important to test your app on different platforms. If required, you should even rework on your UX. Nobody likes to use an application whose flow is as slow as a turtle. Smoother navigation, superfluous graphics, are some of the key features of an ideal app.

2. Enhance Visibility With App Store Optimization (ASO)

One of the most crucial methods of app discovery is the search within the App Stores, and here’s where the App Store Optimization comes. Through the ASO process, you can leverage the search results for your app.

When your ultimate goal is to drive traffic to your app, ASO comes as a savior. App Store Optimization enhances your app’s visibility and ultimately brings in more downloads.

Check thoroughly if the keywords are placed strategically in different sections of your app listing. The title should also include the main keywords along with being concise.

You also need to figure out if your store page is able to persuade the user to download your app. Remember, each element on your page plays an important role in determining whether a user will download the app or not. In other words, more enticing the description is, the better are your chances of getting featured in the App Store.

3. Design Your App Like Apple

While you try your best to get featured on the App Store, you need to align with Apple’s goals.

Don’t get confused…

What I mean is that you need to build an app by keeping Apple’s product release in mind. If you are helping to promote Apple’s products to the users, then your chances of getting noticed by Apple becomes higher.

Remember, only promote Apple’s product when it is required. For that, you need to stay updated with all the recent releases from Apple.

Another way is to make your product available to other products of Apple, like iPad, Apple Watch, and others. Check if Apple’s features are fitting for your product and meets your overall business requirements.

4. Provide Frequent Updates

Both Apple and its users like frequent updates. This doesn’t mean that you have to come up with a new feature every now and then. But pushing updates on a regular basis is definitely important.

Frequent updates are always recommended if you want to stay featured longer and stay on the top of the App Store. This step should never be skipped.

5. Build Your App With Native Code

Native is the king!

Be in a safe zone by building a native app. Undoubtedly, Apple wants to feature those apps which are developed specifically for iOS and not cross-platform.

For featuring your app in the App Store, you should build a native iOS. The native iOS apps are generally high-quality and offer a better user experience. If you are choosing a hybrid app, then you are actually compromising with the UX of your app.

Overall, for getting featured in App Store, you need to build a native app because its user experience is better than the hybrid apps.

6. Work On Your App Ratings And Reviews

Apps with a rating of 4 stars and below are hardly considered by Apple for featuring. For featured apps, the average rating is 4.2 and for games, it is 4.4.

That is the reason why working on the ratings is one of the essential parts of the App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy. Apart from checking the ratings, you also need to work on the review section too.

If you are receiving positive reviews, then kudos. And if your app reviews come out to be negative, then immediately start working on them, as this would highly affect your app’s ranking.

This is fundamental for everyone who wants their app to appear on the main App Store tab.

7. Next, Pitch To The App Store Editors

Apple receives thousands of pitches for featuring mobile apps. The professional App Store curators review the apps and games every day.

Craft a beautiful convincing and enticing pitch which outlines what your app does and how unique it is. When considering apps to feature, the editors mainly look for high-quality apps in all categories, specifically, apps with recent updates.

What’s the next catch?

If your app is chosen to get featured on the App Store, then fill up the form, and offer amazing visuals for feature banner. By doing this, you are making it easier for Apple to bring your app on the feature page.

Also, you need to keep track of your app downloads and ensure that you are able to retain your users for a long time.

Final thoughts

By now you have obviously learned how to get an app featured on the app store. With a few simple tactics, you can increase your chances of getting noticed. A high-quality app, that is unique and useful in the app market will ultimately get the recognition. If you too are seeking help in getting your app featured, then talk to our experts today.

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I Help Tech and Online Business Scale Fast using “Flywheel Growth Marketing” Framework. Open to work —riteshosta@gmail.com

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I Help Tech and Online Business Scale Fast using “Flywheel Growth Marketing” Framework. Open to work —riteshosta@gmail.com

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