7 Principles of Idea Validation for your App Startup

01- You Need To Focus On The Basics

Focusing on the basics is necessary for your dream app to succeed! What you need is a simple product that you can provide your users for trial.

02- You Need To Conduct Thorough Market Research

Without proper market research, you will never know who your target customers are. Next

03- Find Out If Your App Idea Is A Viable One

If your app idea is not viable, then your product will definitely be a failure. So, it is essential for you to find out what exactly is working out for you. Next

04- Pay More Attention To The User Flow And Design Process

User flow is an important aspect as it ensures you do not miss anything while keeping the future product and its user satisfaction in mind. Next

05- List Out All Your Project Features

You need to be sure about all the features that you want to add in your product.

When you have a list of features for each stage, you then need to prioritize them.

06- Build Your MVP Finally,

It’s time to build your MVP. Once you have decided upon the main features and have learned about the market needs, you can create your MVP.

07 Work On The Feedback

Given By Your User Once you collect the feedback from the users, start improving your product, then test, until it is finalized.

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