A Complete Android App Development Services Guide for Startups

  1. Maybe on building MVP of an app, OR (Read to know more)
  2. Choosing the right platform for mobile app development. OR
  3. What next step to take after building MVP? (Read to know more)

To address the question, “Where to start if I am building an Android app for my mobile startups?”

How to launch an App-based Startup?

#1. Validate your Android app

#2. Build Your App Wireframe

#3. Remove features that you can exclude in the first version

#4. Design your Android App

#5. Prepare a small pitch to approach technical co-founders

#6. Now it’s time to hire android app developers

Things to do after you hire android app developers

  1. Register a developer account with the respective app stores who will be able to sell your app through their platform. Android app platform charges $25. You can also register as an individual or in the name of your company.
  2. Set up the analytics to track the number of downloads, user engagement, and retention of your android app. You can use Flurry or Localytics which are available in both free and paid versions.
  3. As soon as your app goes live on the app store the behaviour of the first set of the customer will throw insight on how to improve, or which bugs to fix and enhance your android app.
  4. Find out if the android app development services you have sought is providing you with post-development support. Like we provide 1–3 month of free support (as per the assessment and scope of the project defined)

Why Choose Android App Development Services Over iOS?

Myths to Bust When You Develop an Android App

A Quick Roundup

  1. Validate your app idea
  2. Prepare a wireframe
  3. Remove the excessive features from the app in their first versions
  4. Prepare a pitch for your android app development services
  5. Do not ask for VC funding before validating the idea



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