Be The Next Uber — 21 Brilliant Startup Ideas For On-Demand App.

On-Demand Apps at Present

Now Is The Time To Make Most Of It!

  • The geographical distribution of on-demand services is still not equal. While Uber may have made a huge profit in the last year, there are places where it has not yet reached. So you can leverage those areas where your niche’s big player has not touched to your own benefit.
  • There are industries that have the scope to flourish but have not yet fully approached digital technologies.
  • Innovation: On-demand industries have paved the way for many innovations, 20 years back who would have thought that you could book your taxi with a mobile phone and your taxi will be able to find your house.

1. Uber For Plumbers — A Gamechanger For This Plumbing Service Industry

2. Uber For Beauty Salon — Going The App Way For Salon Services

3. Uber For Health And Fitness Service — Right On Your Fingertips

  • Option to choose their trainer
  • Appoint even at last minute from anywhere and anytime
  • Get fitness and health training at home
  • Share feedback with social media integration
  • Receive bulk request from customers all over your area
  • Send personalized push notifications to customers
  • Notify customers about an appointment in real-time

4. Uber For Laundry — On-Demand Apps To Clean Your Clothes!

5. Uber For Courier — How Apps Are Improving Courier Delivery

  • on-time notifications on shipments alternations
  • glance over the package delivery map
  • real-time package tracking

6. Uber For Travel & Hospitality (similar to Airbnb, Hotel Tonight,).

7. Uber For Food Delivery — Best Way To Boost Your Revenues

8. Uber For Electrician — Is The Need Of The Hour!

9. Uber For House Cleaning — Is The New Trend — Are You On It?

10. Uber For Pest Control — For Those Pesky Little Creatures

11. Uber For Taxi — Just Be Like Uber, Gett Or Lyft.

12. Uber For Grocery — Shopping For Grocery Sorted In Minutes

13. Uber For Maids — On Demand Child Care, Elderly Care Or Cooking!

14. Uber For Massage — A Relaxing Massage At Your Home Comfort

15. Uber For Tutors — Disrupting The Education Industry

16. Uber For PC Repairs — At Your Home Convenience

17. Uber For Mechanics — When There’s Always A Demand For Mechanics

18. Uber For Doctors — When You Need It Need A Doctor

19. Uber For Beautician — Nail, Hair Or Skin Service — Everything On Demand

20. Uber For Movers — When You Need Help Moving

21. Uber for Babysitters — To Care For Your Babies

So Are You Interested To Create An On-Demand App?



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