Fintech Apps Trends- Tech and Industry development

1. P2P Payment Apps

We can divide the P2P payment apps into three broad categories –

Standalone Services


Social Media Centric

2. Mobile Banking Apps

3. P2P Lending Apps

#a. Lack of expensive intermediary

#b. Both creditor and borrower determine the conditions

#c. Small interest rates, so not much paperwork

4. Personal Finance Apps

  1. With the help of fintech app ideas like Mint, you will be able to get access to your product anytime and anywhere.
  2. Use of responsive design will let you cater the service to more audience of different age.
  3. With fintech application development, new marketplaces seem to emerge and provide more ways to distribute your product.
  4. If you opt for cross-platform personal fintech application development double the chances to obtain boost conversion and get a picture of clients’ need and preferences.

5. Insurtech Apps

6. Trading and Investment Apps

  • Algorithmic trading
  • Virtual stock exchange
  • Get stock alerts
  • Even play stock market games

7. Money Transfer Apps

8. Equity / Crowdfunding Apps

9. Blockchain-Based Apps

  • Capital markets
  • Money remittance
  • Insurance
  • Regulatory compliance and audit
  • Anti-money laundering
  • P2P transactions
  • Loyalty and rewards programs

10. Regtech Apps

What made risk compliance fintech application development popular compared to other branches?

  • The use of AI, machine learning, and robotics to prevent fraud prevention
  • With the help of cryptocurrency, biometric, and blockchain, regtech ensures better security
  • Even the use of API ensures better interoperability
  • The infusion of cloud applications ensures better scalability and efficiency

In which fintech application development field will you like to invest?



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