How To Promote Your App/ SaaS with Tumblr.

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Tumbler is a great platform to promote any business without much trouble, including a new mobile app or SaaS product.

While most people think of Twitter when we say microblogging, Tumblr too is a similar site that has been breaking ground for a while. According to stats till January, Tumblr has 488 Million blog accounts, the majority of which, once again, is from the USA. Nearly 1,644 posts are created in a single second every day, which should explain the popularity of this microblogging site.

In June 2021, social network had 319.2 million website visits worldwide, Imagine reaching even a fraction of that number for your tech business.

Ways To Leverage Tumblr For App Promotion.

If your app is targeted towards the younger audience such as younger millennials and Gen-Z, then finding your way to a good Tumblr promotion can have a huge impact.

70% of its users are between the ages of 16 and 24. So, with Tumblr, you can easily target the millennial audience and gain more downloads for your app by successfully promoting it.

1. Work On Your Content

Despite being a microblogging site, Tumblr doesn’t really work if you do not include media. GIFs and images do wonders on Tumblr. They get way more engagement than regular posts. Try to include pop culture references and catchy phrases in your captions. Even video clips of behind-the-scenes should get a lot of traction. Basically, it should be about your business, but it must not feel like a business.

2. Use The Right Tags

Tumblr tags are just like Instagram hashtags — you have to pick the popular ones relevant to your post and use them appropriately. This will help users find your content easily on the platform.

3. Sponsored Posts

Tumblr sponsorship is just like promoted posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This way your posts show up in the dashboard of users who are not your followers. Remember to include the link to your app on the posts.

4. Follow And Re-Blog

Follow other blogging accounts on Tumblr and re-blog things that are related to your app. This way you create a positive fellow-feeling within the community and also draw traction towards your business.

Conclusion :

Tumblr is a great platform for app promotion.

It is known for breeding communities of netizens and brewing conversation on any and all matters. It is a recurring joke in the online world how there is nothing under the sky that is not talked about on Reddit and Tumblr.

Because these are the best alternative ways to make your product reach a larger group of the millennial audience.

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I Help Tech and Online Business Scale Fast using “Flywheel Growth Marketing” Framework. Open to work —

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I Help Tech and Online Business Scale Fast using “Flywheel Growth Marketing” Framework. Open to work —

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