Lost in the Void: My Linkedin Profile Just Got Vanished into Thin Air!!

4 min readJun 11, 2023


And no explanation was given to me.

Today, at 3.30 pm India Time, sipping tea, and sitting at my WFH desk, I did the daily chore of logging into my LinkedIn profile to check updates.

The last I logged in was around 11 am the same day.

and Guess what I was caught in an indefinite loop of Sighing in and trying to Sigh in.

I tried everything, reset my password, Sighin via Phone and more, but NOTHING WORKED.

I could see my however google still indexing my profile against my name search.


In the vast realm of social media, where connections and opportunities thrive, I found solace in the professional networking platform, LinkedIn. For over a decade, it became my digital sanctuary, a place where I built my personal brand, nurtured relationships, and explored countless career possibilities. However, my world came crashing down when, without any warning or explanation, my LinkedIn profile vanished into thin air, leaving behind a void of shock and anguish.

The Shock:

Imagine logging into your trusted virtual companion, only to be greeted by an empty void where your digital identity once resided. That’s precisely the heart-wrenching experience I endured when I discovered my LinkedIn profile had been unceremoniously wiped away. The disbelief washed over me like an icy wave, leaving me gasping for answers that were nowhere to be found.

A Decade of Memories:

My profile represented not just a repository of work experiences and accomplishments; it encapsulated the memories of a decade-long journey. Each connection was a testament to the relationships forged, the mentors who guided me, and the collaborations that shaped my professional growth. The countless hours spent nurturing my digital network, meticulously crafting engaging content, and engaging in fruitful discussions — are now all reduced to mere fragments of lost data.

A Community Left Behind:

LinkedIn had become more than a virtual platform for me; it was a thriving community where like-minded professionals converged. Countless hours were invested in building relationships, offering support, and sharing knowledge. Losing my profile meant losing touch with an expansive network of professionals — a community I held dear.

The Desperate Search for Answers:

Bewildered and hurt, I frantically sought answers from LinkedIn. How could my profile be erased without any explanation? Had I inadvertently violated some unknown community guidelines? Days turned into weeks, as I grappled with an overwhelming mix of emotions — shock, anger, and deep sorrow. It seemed as though my pleas for transparency vanished into a digital abyss, met with deafening silence.

The Lingering Pain:

The pain of losing my LinkedIn profile extended far beyond the digital realm. It was a profound loss, akin to a missing chapter in my professional story. The connections and opportunities that once thrived on this platform were severed, leaving me with a sense of isolation and the daunting task of rebuilding what was unfairly taken away.

Moving Forward with Resilience:

While the scars of this experience may take time to heal, I refuse to let this setback define me. I will rebuild my digital presence, reconnect with lost connections, and emerge stronger from this ordeal. The journey ahead may be challenging, but I am determined to reclaim my professional narrative and forge new paths toward success.

Here is a Poem written (By Chatgpt) that captures the misery and pain of a LinkedIn creator.

In a digital realm, a tale unfolds, Of a lost profile, a story untold. A poem we weave, with emotions vast, Capturing the pain of a moment’s contrast.

Once upon a time, on LinkedIn’s stage, A professional’s haven, a virtual page. Connections amassed, a decade’s endeavor, Building a network, bonds we’d never sever.

But alas! One day, a shock so profound, The profile vanished, without a sound. A void emerged, in the digital space, Leaving a heartbroken soul to embrace.

Oh, LinkedIn, why did you erase, A world of memories, a cherished embrace? A decade’s worth of achievements and dreams, Now lost in the abyss, it seems.

Connections severed, a community torn, In disbelief, we mourn, forlorn. The echoes of conversations, silent and cold, The vibrant stories left untold.

Seeking answers, the heart cried out, In a quest for truth, amidst the doubt. But silence reigned, no solace to find, Leaving a broken spirit far behind.

Yet through the pain, resilience blooms, A determination that never consumes. Rebuilding, reconnecting, forging anew, For the spirit soars, unyielding and true.

Though scars remain, etched deep within, A phoenix rises, ready to begin. From ashes of loss, strength will arise, Crafting a narrative that defies demise.

For the digital world is but a chapter, In a grand tapestry, a life’s capture. LinkedIn may fade, but the spirit prevails, In the pursuit of dreams, where hope never fails.

So let us march forth, with resilience profound, Unfolding new stories, on uncharted ground. For the power lies within, to embrace and mend, To find success, where no limitations transcend.

In this tale of loss, may hope inspire, To ignite the soul, and dreams acquire. For the journey continues, our spirits alive, In a world that thrives, where dreams will survive.


Losing my LinkedIn profile, with no explanation or opportunity to rectify any perceived mistakes, has been an indescribable blow to my professional identity. The pain and shock are immeasurable, as I grapple with the loss of a decade’s worth of connections, memories, and opportunities. However, through resilience and determination, I will forge ahead, knowing that my professional journey extends far beyond the confines of any social media platform.




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