Progressive Web Apps — Why it can be Future of Web App Development

What made progressive apps popular?

The World before the launch of PWA apps

What are Progressive Web Apps?

  • Load the product like an app
  • Let it function like a native app
  • Stay responsive
  • Easy to access through mobile browser

Why a web application development company gives a thumbs up for PWAs?

#1. Reducing the friction for your users

#2. Security is not at stake with PWAs

#3. Flexible like native apps

#4. Speed of your app increases

#5. It can actually work when you do not have internet

#6. Your business does not need the App Store middleman

#7. For faster adjustments your business needs PWAs

For the critics, who might feel that PWA can be a solution everywhere

Why your business really need to build progressive web apps?

  • Progressive app development will cost you much less compared to native apps
  • They provide an app-like experience even when you run it in the browser
  • They are built on cross-platform so you save time on adapting your service
  • Since backed by Google, so the growth and approach will be refined and fast



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