Top 3 Ways Of Finding The Best Time To Release An App

It is the dream of every app developer to see their app take off with a huge success. The feeling of getting your app launched is indeed indescribable. However, this success can only be guaranteed if you are launching your app in the right way.

For instance, there are many factors that determines the best ways of launching an app. One such factor is ‘time’.

Yes, there is always the best time to release an app.

This video talks about why ‘time’ is a decisive factor when it comes to your app launch? Check this out now:

Why TIME a Crucial Factor in App Launch?

Currently, the market is flooding with different apps. The competition is soaring exponentially. Timing highly matters for ensuring the success of an app.

Your app just cannot take off at any time of the week, month or year.

There needs to be a lot of planning and a particular date set up for releasing an app.

With the progress in cutting-edge technologies, almost every business has stepped into the domain of mobile app development. Coming up with a business mobile app idea is now a common thing amongst the startups and the established businesses.

But often people are unsure about the best time to release an app.

Here’s How You Can Figure Out The Best Time To Release An App:

1. Analyze User’s Buying Cycle

For ensuring that your app sticks on your user’s phone, you need to understand their purchasing cycle. Every individual user has a different cycle for downloading and installing apps on their smartphones.

For instance, there are few who constantly keeps on trying new apps, while there are few who install an app whenever they need it.

So, you need to do thorough market research to know the buying practice of your users. Before you launch your app, this is a must thing to do.

2. Determine Your App Launch Season

Before you shoot your app in the market, just wait for some time and ask yourself a few questions;

“Is my app related to some kind of event or a seasonal sale?”

“Can the users use my app on a regular basis?”

These are some of the crucial questions that will ultimately affect your app’s revenue cycle.

For instance, you have built an app that is related to the Olympics. So, if you launch your app during the Olympics season, chances are higher that your app will be a smashing hit. However, if you launch your app at the end of the season, your app will never get attention from the users.

It’s just like celebrating Christmas in summer, which of course makes no sense.

In one way, seasonal apps are better as it is actually launched just before the arrival of the season or any event. This creates hype in the market which further ensures higher downloads.

So, first, analyze the type of solution your app is providing and then decide the release date. There are several things to know on before you plan to launch your app. Check those parameters first, and then ‘Get Set Go’ with your app.

3. Plan The Final Launch Date

After all your research work is done, plan and decide the week, month and year of your app launch. As I already said that time highly impacts your app’s success, so you must be choosy in picking the best date.

For your mobile app marketing, you can also arrange a big PR event that will help to generate the popularity of your app.

Also, while you plan your perfect day for your app’s release, make sure that there is no other tech company or startup launching their app on the same day.

Even if there is any national or international event going, do not launch your app the same day. Your app may go unnoticed due to the ongoing event popularity.

Final Thoughts

Launching your app at the perfect time will definitely fill your pockets but on the other side, your app may struggle to be on the top, if launched at the wrong time- even if your app idea was an amazing one.

Mobile app development is always an expensive task therefore, it is always better if you follow the pre-launch app marketing strategies to ensure a managed expense. One small mistake could cost you a huge loss. So, take every step cautiously. Promote your app in the best ways you can and stay updated with the policies of the App Store. Otherwise, you may miss out some tempting benefits.

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P.S- This article was originally published in Voticle.



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Helping B2B and SaaS companies increase sales velocity using Funnel Experience Framework. Visit to read more..